VIRUS-FOGGER (Total Release Aerosol System for Disinfecting Closed Areas)

Broad Spectrum Disinfectant for Viruses, Bacteria and Yeast

Based on new counter-ion technology, Virus-Fogger disinfectant is a potent total release aerosol disinfectant with a 99,999% microbial kill rate, approved to EN 1276 testing Standards for use in for use in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas. It’s chloride free formulation has an excellent residual effect after application, prevents corrosion on metals and alloys, and is highly effective against enveloped viruses, gram positive and negative bacteria as well as yeasts. It’s low toxicity formula provides excellent coverage in hard-to-reach places, is easy to use, and is proven effective against enveloped viruses.


Treats up to 140m³ per 400ml refill (i.e. 8m x 7m floor x 2,5m ceiling)


Industrial Applications:

Food Processing Plants  |  Restaurants  |  Canteens  |  Kitchens  |  Offices  |  Homes & Hotels  | 

Butcheries  |  Schools  |  Institutional  |  Industrial


NRCS Registration No: Act5GNR529/294433/040/1223

EN 1276 Standards Certification No: 2017IS/TS/0338


Use this product in conjunction with its Product Data Sheet. Read Label Carefully Before Use



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VIRUS-FOGGER (Total Release Aerosol System for Disinfecting Closed Areas)

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