SOFT-SUDS (Eco-friendly Fabric Softener)

Eco-friendly and bio-degradable concentrated Fabric Softener

Soft-Suds is a phosphate-free, bio-degradable, and eco-friendly liquid fabric softener which is made from natural plant-based components. Non-toxic, non-volatile, and kinder to mother nature. Will leave garments with a soft, luxurious feel while imparting a sophisticated lingering fragrance.


Soft-Suds is safe for all septic tank types and sewer systems. Being derived from natural components, Soft-Suds is suitable for all types of skin, especially those with sensitive skin types.



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SOFT-SUDS (Eco-friendly Fabric Softener)

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VAT Included |
  • Earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment

  • Concentrated - 1 Litre makes 5 Litres