POWDER-ENZYMES (Bio-Enzyme Septic & Pit Latrine Treatment)

Bio-Enzyme Septic & Pit Latrine Treatment

Potent enzyme producing bacterial treatment for septic tanks, septic systems, and drain lines which digests solid waste, reduces odours, and keeps systems flowing naturally.


Powder-Enzymes treatment is a special and proprietary blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria which rapidly produce a wide variety of enzymes to rapidly degrade waste, and quickly and easily solve these plumbing and septic build up challenges. The treatment contains unique enzyme producing bacteria microorganisms which don’t just emulsify the waste but actually feed on and totally eliminate it, with the resultant by-products being carbon dioxide and water. Powder-Enzymes is totally safe and is nature’s way of treating, digesting organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic build-up from pipes, tanks, leach drains, septic tanks and septic systems.



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