OXY-SUDS (Eco-Friendly Oxygen Bleach Powder)

Eco-Friendly Oxygen Bleach Powder

Oxy-Suds is a powerful cleaning agent that can be particularly effective in tackling tough stains and brightening clothes in laundry applications as well as overnight bucket soaking applications for mops, rags, cloths, stained cutlery and more. OxySuds is eco-friendly, septic tank safe, quickly bio-degradable and safe to use for a variety of tasks.


Regular bleach is only effective on whites where Oxy-Suds is colour-safe and won’t bleach white spots onto dyed fabrics, ideal for HACCP colour coding. It removes dirt from clothes and brightens all colours. 



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OXY-SUDS (Eco-Friendly Oxygen Bleach Powder)

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