MULTI-SUDS (Multi-Purpose Cleaner)

Probiotic Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Multi-Suds is a probiotic ALL-IN-ONE cleaner, sanitiser and odour eliminator which replaces most chemical home cleaners. Multi-Suds comes with a convenient trigger dispenser system. It has a 9 Enzyme System for unmatched cleaning and odour control. Regular use benefits septic and plumbing systems. Multi-Suds carries the Eco-Choice Type 1 eco accreditation.


In an independently conducted cleaning test, Multi-Suds was challenged against a leading imported bio-enzyme product. Multi-Suds was diluted 10 times more with water, while the imported product was used undiluted. Even at 10 times higher dilution, Multi-Suds cleaned more efficiently, while effectively being 10 times more cost effective! A large part of this incredible performance is that the imported concentrated product contains a variation of 107 CFU per ml while Multi-Suds contains at least 108 CFU per ml, which is a massive exponential log of 10 more. Multi-Suds now contains 10% more active ingredients too for the ultimate product performance.



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MULTI-SUDS (Multi-Purpose Cleaner)

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