CISTERN-SUDS (Toilet Loo Block)

Probiotic Toilet Cistern Treatment

Cistern-Suds is a probiotic cistern block that hugely reduces the need to flush. Save up to 140 litres daily by only needing to flush after the tenth use (urination). Its unique 9 enzyme system helps to keep toilets clean, descaled and odour controlled. 


Cistern-Suds rapidly produce an unlimited number of enzymes to quickly and effectively eliminate foul odours, while emitting a powerful and pleasant odour masking fragrance.



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CISTERN-SUDS (Toilet Loo Block)

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  • Probiotics contain live beneficial bacteria that clean surfaces and fabrics without the need for harsh chemicals.

    GreenTopia probiotics are highly intelligent. They immediately analyze their intended target and quickly secrete the precise type and massive concentrations of digestive enzymes. The target is permanently broken down into essentially carbon dioxide and water. Through the process of Competitive Exclusion, our probiotics ensure that a much healthier environment is created and surfaces and fabrics stay cleaner for longer with their residual cleaning benefits. 

  • Cistern-Suds contains 9 enzyme system which quickly and effectively digests all toilet system waste and much more:

    • Lipase (fats)
    • Amylase (starches)
    • Urease (urea)
    • Protease (proteins)
    • Cellulase (cellulose)
    • Esterase (esters)
    • Phosphatase (phosphate groups from proteins)
    • Hemicellulase (non-cellulose polysaccharides)
    • Xylanase (hemicellulose fibre)