HAND-BODY-SUDS (Hand Wash & Body Shower Gel)

Probiotic Hand Wash and Body Shower Gel

Hand-Body-Suds is a luxurious moisturising cosmetic grade hand wash and body shower gel which contains the power of probiotics for all day odour control. Traditional soaps stop protecting just after application, whereas our probiotics activate immediately and keep working to create an invisible protective barrier which keeps working to eliminate pathogens for up to 24 hours after application. Hand-Body-Suds carries the Eco-Choice Type 1 eco accreditation. Regular use of the product benefits septic, plumbing, greywater and recycling systems.



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HAND-BODY-SUDS (Hand Wash & Body Shower Gel)

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Probiotics contain live beneficial bacteria that clean surfaces and fabrics without the need for harsh chemicals.

GreenTopia probiotics are highly intelligent. They immediately analyze their intended target and quickly secrete the precise type and massive concentrations of digestive enzymes. The target is permanently broken down into essentially carbon dioxide and water. Through the process of Competitive Exclusion, our probiotics ensure that a much healthier environment is created and surfaces and fabrics stay cleaner for longer with their residual cleaning benefits.